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Creative Preps to the Nutrition Dance

When you're ready to create your own Nutrition Dance, here's a few hints that may come in handy.

STEP #1: Grant Yourself Permission......

To Begin a New Mission. It won't matter what or how you dance, only that you take the chance.

STEP #2: Set Your Intention.......

So You Can Create a Great Invention. Choosing a goal is a must, yet clarifying it creates one's own trust. Keep it fun, simple, and real which adds to its genuine appeal. Just believe, what would you like to achieve?

STEP #3: Listen, View, Read, or Do....

Audio, Video, Book, or Live, which one(s) could help you discern, earn, and thrive? How fast or slow do you want to go? What fun would it be to proceed with more than three?

STEP #4: Nourishment for the Whole Can Be Complete...

When the Internal and External Bodies Receive a Treat. Aren't you overdue? Well, go ahead and get more than two.

STEP #5: Be Bold, Break the Mold

Live like a fox, jump out of the conventional box. Way of tradition says its the best, but an alternative path can offer an exciting quest. Don't be shy, give something new a try.

STEP #6: Stay on Track with the Right Pack

Things are shown to work better together than all alone. The Fix Mix that's right could be found tonight. Tired, blocked, or at a juncture? Why not mix massage with acupuncture.

STEP #7: Pick the Perfect Place to Propel the Proper Pace

From the office, to the home, or wherever you may roam, you could manage, complete, or create a lot when being able to use your favorite spot.

STEP #8: Add Sound to the Background

Sound cam be soothing to the ear by picking something calm to hear. Doesn't matter how fast or slow, as long as it can flatter the desired flow. Whether listening to the babbling brook, or chilling out with Dr. Hook, there's always a way to make your day. So remember, when needing a lift, just simply use a cheerful rift.

STEP #9: It's So Nice to Take Nature's Advice

Feeling down, feeling done, go walk around out in the sun. Focus not clear, a river is near. Take a break, sit by that lake. How much ease it can be, when leaning comfortably against a tree.

STEP #10: Here's the Rest of Nature's Best

Did you know, that nature could show, how to help you out, when you're clouded in doubt?

If you find yourself on the brink, it's easier than you think. Just look for the subtle signs within the colorful lines, or the fundamentals within the elementals.

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