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The "U In-Tuned Therapy" is the nickname used to describe a very unique Massage Therapy Treatment which can efficiently / effectively target & reduce a client's ongoing pain, discomfort, or stress 

What is "U In-Tuned" Therapy?

The letter, U, within the name "U In-Tuned", represents YOU being in the driver's seat when it comes down to thinking about the type of assistance that you'd like to use to locate options, uncover answers, or achieve solutions.

The word, "In-Tuned", within the name, represents your Awareness to notice, seek out, & discover what may be going on within yourself, which could be affecting your overall health & wellbeing.

And, of course, the word, Therapy, represents the actual treatment, which has been customized with U in mind in order to suit your goals.


What is involved with the actual treatment?


The treatment utilizes the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy in conjunction with a combination of Eastern & Western styles of therapies & mentoring programs to:

  • ​Identify, describe, & explain the reasons for why your pain, discomfort, or stress may be occurring​.

  • Locate the specific structures & regions being affected, influenced, or impacted.

  • Explain why neighboring areas & structures may also be influenced or impacted.

  • Point out whether or not your current emotions or thoughts are involved.

  • Introduce you to alternative ideas on how the pain, discomfort, or stress could be reduced or released by you.

  • Provide you with additional ideas on how you could monitor, manage, & maintain your own progress on a daily basis.

How is the InTune-ition Wellness philosophy used within these treatments?

During these treatments, you'll be shown how you could use the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy to recognize & comprehend any of the SIGNALS that YOUR BODY may be using to ALERT you about your ongoing pain, discomfort, or stress.  You'll also learn how to use the discovered information to more effectively manage or maintain your health on a regular basis.

What else may be included within these treatments?

Body Conversation / Talk Theory --  During treatments, you may also request an introduction in how to have a  Conversation with your own body, using the InTune-ition Philosophyin order to understand how to interpret, monitor, &/or use the specific signals / alerts being relayed.  Because, once you learn how to speak & listen to your body in this alternative way,  U could experience a bigger difference with your entire well-being.

The Angler Method -- This is a specialized system that Pamela has created, developed, & incorporated into all of her treatments, which allows her to modify / adapt any or all of her massage techniques in order to gain easier access to targeted regions or deeper tissue layers, while, at the same time, eliminating the need to use aggressive or excessive force / pressure  that  could harm her clients or herself.  Clients who have experienced this method during their sessions have reported that they have noticed longer lasting / substantial relief from their pain, discomfort, & stress.   

Eastern-Western based Theories & Techniques, which may be added in to the treatments, are mentioned more specifically at the bottom of this page.   The Mentoring Programs are mentioned on the Mentoring page.

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U In-Tuned Therapy offers its own version of a maintenance plan with its Maintain Me Session, which allows clients time to pause for a moment to relax, reflect, and review what they want to do with any of the updated insights, ideas, or messages from their bodies, so they can continue to efficiently manage their own progress.  

The Maintain Me Sessions are offered as an ongoing monthly appointment at a discounted rate.  But,  they must be booked in advance in order to receive this discounted rate.

Eastern-Western Philosophies & Techniques may include:

The Treatment Combinations may include any of the following styles of Eastern-Western Philosophies & Techniques:  Acupressure, Chakra Theory, Meridian Theory, MPS Therapy, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Stretching &Joint Mobilization, Tian Di Bamboo Massage, and more, depending on what is needed for the particular client.

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