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The U In-Tuned Therapy has been designed to assist clients who have been dealing with chronic pain, intensified discomfort, or relentless stress, which could be considered strange, unusual, or appearing to have no connection to a specific trauma or issue. 

During sessions, clients are introduced to the InTune-ition theory as an alternative way to identify, interpret, and/or understand how the pain, discomfort, or stress could be occurring and how these disruptions could be targeted and relieved.  

Regular / Drop In Rates:

Extensive (3 hr) :  $255

Full (60 min):  $85

Premium (2 hr) :  $170

Half (30 min):  $45

Deluxe (90 min):  $130

Colleague  Courtesy:  $65

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U In-Tuned Therapy offers its own customized version of a maintenance plan with its Maintain Me Session, which allows clients time to pause for a moment to relax, reflect, and review what they want to do with any updated insights, ideas, or messages from their bodies, so they can continue to efficiently manage their own progress.  

Appointments must be booked every month on an ongoing basis in order to receive the Discounted Rates listed below. 

1 X / Month:

2 X / Month:

Premium:  $140

Premium:  $120

Deluxe:  $110

Deluxe:  $95

Full:  $70

Full:  $60


Services not being mentioned on this site may still be available, simply ask when you call for an appointment.  (Examples:  Reiki, Reflexology, Tian Di Bamboo Massage, MPS Therapy, Neuromuscular,  etc.)

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