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The In-Tuned Reading is an unique Mentoring Service, which employs the concepts of the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy within an Intuitive Psychic/ Medium Reading.

What type of Readings are currently available?

Card Readings --  Clients may select from the following options:

  • Tarot Card Reading

  • Oracle Card Reading, or

  • a combination of the Tarot & Oracle Reading. 

These Readings could:

  • Provide Clients with useful inputstrategic recommendations, or  potential  alerts  about  their health, life, career, or relationships, which are based on the visual images and perceived interpretations  & translations.

  • Be done in person, over the phone, thru Messenger, or thru Skype.

Body Readings -- now known as Body Conversational Readings --  involve the following:

  • Clients may be asked to sit in a chair or lie down on a massage table while this Reading / Conversation is taking place.

  • Specialized techniques are used to target, receive, interpret, & translate the advice, input, recommendations, or warnings that the client's body may be attempting to relay regarding his/her  current situations. 

  • This type of reading must be done in person in order to obtain the full message or details.

  • Clients would be fully clothed during this Reading, unless it is being used in combination with a regular Massage Treatment.

Reiki Treatment

Combo Readings --  involve the combination / mixture of a Card or Body Reading & a regular Massage Treatment.  These are used to:

  • Confirm  clients suspicions that their bodies may be reacting to their current questions, concerns, or circumstances,

  • Further Identify which body regions are being influenced or affected, & 

  • Provide the clients with useful suggestions on what they could do.

These Combo Readings include the following options:

  • Deluxe Combo is a 90 min or  1 1/2 Hour  Session 

  • Premium Combo is a 120 min or 2 Hour Session

  • Extensive Combo is a 180 min or 3 Hour Session

Could clients schedule a Reading appointment online?

No.  Clients must CALL to schedule an appointment for a reading.  

Why is it so important that Clients call for an appointment?

By calling, this will, not only,  protect the Clients' privacy, but may also:

  • Help them to understand which type of reading & length of session may the most suitable for their situation. 

  • Clarify pricing details and availability of appointment times & dates. 

  • Confirm how they would like to receive appointment reminders.

  • Provide them with an opportunity to ask any questions or express concerns which they may have at the moment, BEFORE making an appointment.

Yet, keep in mind, that once an appointment is scheduled, the Reading, itself,  can be done over the phone, or via Skype / Messenger as mentioned above.

However, also as mentioned above, Body Readings, Deluxe Combo, Premium Combo, & the Extensive Combo must be done in person in order to obtain & relay the appropriate details.

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The Memory Tracker Program is an unique style of Mentoring, which employs the concepts of the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy, Conversational Sessions, 

Therapeutic Massage Treatments to help clients understand how their health may be negatively affected or influenced by their memories & what they could do about it.

How could our Memories actually negatively affect our health?

Our Memories contain details that are associated with any of our past or present life experiences, interactions, or conversations.

Depending on how we may remember & describe these details/circumstances, we could view the nature of them as having either a positive or negative influence, effect, or impact on us.

Which means, if we remember these situations as having positive, pleasant, or nurturing influences or effects on us,  our overall health would indicate that we've benefited from them.

However, if we remember experiences that could be described as being very negative, harmful, or toxic in nature,  our health would then display issues emotionally, mentally, or physically, indicating that we've been negatively impacted.

But, aren't our Memories just stored within our minds?

We've been traditionally taught that, after participating within these experiences, interactions, or conversations, we develop and place the associated memories & details  within our minds in order to quickly recall them later when needed.

However, we must understand that our minds are not the only location where these memories could be stored or found.  

These memories & their associated information / details could also be stored / found within any region, structure, or tissue of our body. 

How could the Memory Tracker Program actually help?

The Memory Tracker Program was designed to help clients understand how to:

  • Identify the memories & associated information affecting themincluding the specific experiences, interactions, or conversations involved.

  • Recognize the differences between the positive & negative influences related to these memories / circumstances.

  • Track down the locations of the specific areas & structures being influenced or impacted by these memories or the associated details.

  • Use the Program's traditional alternative ideas to

    • release the negative impact, influences, or effects on these areas, 

    • retain the positive, beneficial ones, &

    • further monitor, manage, &/or maintain their own progress.

How could Clients track or monitor their own progress?

By using this Program, Clients can get access to Kits containing a variety of  Worksheets that could be used to track, monitor, & manage their progress for themselves.  These Kits include:

Starter Kit  --

  • Assessment Form & Checklist 

  • Weekly or Monthly Progress Sheets

  • Personalized Body Region Chart

  • Initial Consultation

Maintenance Kit --

  • Weekly or Monthly Evaluation Form

  • Weekly or Monthly Progress Form

  • Updated Body Region Chart

  • Suggestion Checklist

Full Tracker Packet --

  • Starter Kit

  • Maintenance Kit

  • Additional Evaluation Forms

  • Initial Consultation

  • Choice between 3 Mentoring Sessions or Massage / Body Conversation Treatments

How could Clients start this process? 

Clients can simply start this process by calling 386-561-9588 to schedule an:

  • Initial Consultation, which may provide them with more details on how to use this program.  or

  • Actual Treatment, which may offer more proof that their health has been affected by their memories.

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This unique style of Mentoring, known as the Unique Gift Mentoring Program, employs the concepts of the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy  to discover & develop hidden or unrecognized personal / professional skills.

Have you ever felt like you were........?

  • Lacking trust in your own skills or capabilities?

  • Confused about what to do next?

  • Being blocked, so you couldn't accomplish anything?

And, have you...?

Noticed that you've been experiencing:

  • Unusual Patterns of Pain / Discomfort

  • Intense Mood Swings / Emotional Outbursts

  • Extreme Bouts of Stress / Worries

Do you want answers or need help?

If so, the Unique Gift Mentoring Program might just be what you're seeking, because it could help you to uncover why you've been dealing with all of the above.

Let's face it, if you don't trust yourself or your own skills, you'll remain where you are & lose sight of what you want to do or where you want to be.

How could the Unique Gift Mentoring Program actually help you?

The Unique Gift Mentoring Program could help you to:

  • UNCOVER & RECOGNIZE the unique Skills that you're not aware of.

  • EXPLORE & DEVELOP these discovered Talents.

  • USE these Gifts to quickly BREAK THRU your negative barriers.

  • OBTAIN, SUSTAIN, & MAINTAIN the LIFE you've always DREAMED about.

This Program may also help you to:

  • UNDERSTAND how your HEALTH could be affected when you're NOT using these unique abilities.

  • RECOGNIZE ways to correct these issues in order to maintain a healthier & happier life.

 Could this Program fit anyone's budget, schedule, lifestyle, or situation?

Yes, The Unique Gift Mentoring Program can be customized to suit anyone's budget, schedule, lifestyle, or situation.

Could I  monitor & manage my own progress?

Yes. The Unique Gift Mentoring Program provides you with customized Kits to help you monitor your own progress with every step that you take.   These Kits  include the following:

Level 1 Kit -- Contains the Initial Identification Checklist, Assessment Sheets, Progress Forms, & 3 Full Mentoring Sessions which could help to Identify the Specific Skill / Gift.

Level 3 Kit -- Contains the Development Checklist, Experimentation Guide, Progress / Evaluation Forms, & 3 Full Mentoring Sessions for learning how to Grow / Develop the Talent / Ability.

Level 2 Kit -- Contains the Exploration Checklist, Reference Assessment Guide, Progress / Evaluation Forms, & 3 Full (HR) Mentoring Sessions to Explore more details about the Specific Ability / Skill.

Level 4 Kit -- Contains the Usage Checklist, Applications Guide,  Evaluation / Progress Forms, & 3 Full Mentoring Session  to learn how  the Specific Skill could be used on a daily basis in personal or professional settings.

Extensive Packet / Kit -- Contains the Checklists, Guides, & Progress Form from all 4 Levels, plus 12 Full (HR) Mentoring Sessions.

Would I have to Purchase a Kit in order to  schedule a 1-on-1 Mentoring Session?

NO.  Purchase of a Kit / Package is NOT REQUIRED  if / when you desire to schedule an individual Mentoring Session or Massage Therapy Treatment.

How can I START this Process?

You can simply start this process by calling 386-561-9588 to schedule an Initial Consultation

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