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Has this forced you to....

Have you reached a point where you...

Are dealing with depression, pain, discomfort, or stress?

Have become confused, hesitant, or in doubt about what to do?

Have stopped believing in yourself and your abilities?

Give up on going after your dreams or goals?

Remain in a job that you hate, which barely covers the monthly expenses?

Continually jump from job to job, or place to place, with no positive results in sight? 

If any of this sounds familiar to you.....

It's time to STOP, take a STEP back, and LOOK deep inside yourself to see what might be  hidden  beneath the surface, which could shed some  light  on how to break these negative cycles and move forward with your life.

Wouldn't you like to know....

WHAT your true, UNIQUE SKILLS are?


How your HEALTH could be affected when you're NOT using these ABILITIES?

How to efficiently USE these GIFTS to BREAK THRU negative barriers?

Wouldn't you like to.....

OBTAIN, SUSTAIN, & MAINTAIN the LIFE you've always DREAMED about?

The Unique Gift Mentoring Program could help you to do all of the above.  So, are YOU ready to learn about your own UNIQUE GIFT?   Call 386-561-9588 for more details or to schedule a session.

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Memory is considered as our mind's ability to store & remember information.   Yet, we must realize that, it's not just our mind that has this capability. Our entire body, within any of its regions or structures, would also have this ability to store & remember information. 

How could this information or these memories actually affect us or our health

And, why would it be important for us to understand this concept?

We must realize that the information contained within these memories could actually trigger/cause our emotional, mental, or physical PAIN,  DISCOMFORT, or STRESS to occur/increase, 

However, what if there was an alternative way to use these memories or details to reduce our suffering & finally get relief from this ongoing pain, discomfort, &/or stress

Well, there actually is!!  It's called the Memory Tracker Program.  It has been designed to help you to understand:

HOW  you & your health could be affected, influenced, or impacted  by the details within your memories.

WHY you & your health could be affected, influenced, or impacted  by these memories / details.

WHAT you could do to reduce this influence, effect, or impact on yourself & your health.

Through this Program you will get RESULTS & RELIEF by learning how to use your body's Secret Language & your own Intuition to:

Uncover the LOCATION of  these memories / details.

Understand the MEANINGS & SIGNIFICANCE of this information.

Learn how to use STRATEGIES to RELEASE What DOESN'T Belong.

Learn how to REFILE the INFO that could be used LATER.

Learn how to USE the IMPORTANT or RELEVANT details RIGHT NOW.

Start Tracking your Memories today by calling 386-561-9588.

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This Mentoring Service is known as the  In-Tuned Readings, and employs the concepts of the InTune-ition theory within an Intuitive Psychic / Medium Spiritual Reading.  

This unique style of Reading uses the blending of the Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, and/or your Physical Body to provide alternative insights, suggestions, or ideas to help you break through the negative barriers, which may be interrupting your plans to target & achieve your personal or professional goals.

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings can be done in person, on the phone, or by Skype.

Body Readings must be done in person & are offered during a specially customized U In-Tuned Massage Session.

Combo Readings involve the mixture of both Card and Body Readings within Extended Sessions. 

Combo Sessions may run 90 - 120 min.  Full Sessions may run 60 - 90 min.  Half Sessions may run 30 - 45 min.  Longer Sessions or Group Sessions are available upon request.

To Schedule Appt, please Call 386-561-9588

2022 Deals

First Responders shall receive the Courtesy Rate of $65 / Hour Session when booking appts.

Healthcare Professionals shall receive the Courtesy Rate of $65 / Hour Session when booking appts.