Outdoor Meditation

Initial Consultation:  $45

Self Study Packet:  $150

Have you reached a point where you've become confused, hesitant, afraid of, or in doubt about your own abilities?  Have you given up on going after your dreams or goals?  Have you been forced to do one or more of the following?

Remain in or commit to a job that you hate, because you have to take care of your home & family, yet continue to struggle every  month.

Jump from job to job, because you believe in the promises that you'll be treated better somewhere else, yet still receive the same treatment.

Move from place to place, hoping to discover better  opportunities, yet

continue to find the same disappointments.

Or, spend money on programs & training, expecting to find "the answers," yet continue to run into the same road blocks & issues.

Level 1 Kit:  Identify  $300

Level 2 Kit:  Explore  $300

Level 3 Kit:  Develop  $300

Level 4 Kit:  Use  $300

Extensive Package:  $1500

Each Kit / Packet is customized to suit your individual needs.

Does this sound familiar?  It's time to STOP, take a STEP back, and LOOK deep inside to see what might be hidden beneath the surface, which could shed some light on how to break the negative cycles and achieve your desired goals.  

Here's how...... the Unique Gift Mentoring Program could HELP you to:

IDENTIFY Skills which may be Unrealized, Hidden, Unused, or Forgotten.

EXPLORE the Uniqueness, Nature, Extent, or Aspects of Your Gifts.

DEVELOP Your Abilities' Potential, Intention, or Purpose.

USE Your Talents Efficiently Personally or Professionally on a Daily Basis.

What GIFTS would you like to discover, recover, or use?  What GOALS would you like to achieve?


The term, Memory, can be defined as:  "the mind's ability to store and remember information."   Yet, it doesn't stop there.  What we don't find in these typical definitions is the fact that the mind is not the only place where our memories can be stored, nor is it the only thing which can be affected.  Our Memories could trigger our PAIN, increase our DISCOMFORT, cause us to feel EXHAUSTED, or push us beyond our limits of STRESS.  

Symptom Log Packet:  $25

Initial Consultation:  $45

Body Map Setup:  $100

Maintenance Kit:  $100

Starter Kit:  $260  

Full Tracker Program Packet:  $800

Kits, Packets, & Treatments are customized to suit your needs.

Why should we continue to suffer when there's a way we can find relief?  

Does this sound like what you've been going through?  If so, the ANSWERS are closer than you think.

The Memory Tracker Program has been designed to help you understand:

HOW  you could be affected or influenced  by your memories.

WHY you could be affected or influenced  by your memories.

WHAT you could do about it.

The secret in getting you these  RESULTS & RELIEF resides within your own body's

Internal / External MAPPING & MESSAGING Systems

Simple Strategies to RELEASE What DOESN'T Belong

Easy to Follow Steps to REFILE What It can use LATER 

Personal Plans to RETAIN What It wants to use NOW

What would you like to know?  Where would you like to start?


Combo Session:  $170

Full Session: $85

Half Session: $45

This Mentoring Service is known as the  In-Tuned Readings, and employs the concepts of the InTune-ition theory within an Intuitive Psychic / Medium Spiritual Reading.  This unique style uses the blending of the Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, and/or your Body to provide alternative insights, suggestions, or ideas to help you break through the negative barriers, which may be interrupting your plans to target & achieve your personal or professional goals.

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings can be done in person, on the phone, or by Skype.

Body Readings must be done in person & are offered during a specially customized U In-Tuned Massage Session.

Combo Readings involve the mixture of both Card and Body Readings within Extended Sessions. 

Combo Sessions may run 90 - 120 min.  Full Sessions may run up to 60 min.  Half Sessions may run up to 30 min.  Longer Sessions are available upon request.

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