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Mentoring Details

Mentor's  Mission

Create, develop, and teach reliable, useful, & easy-to-understand wellness programs that clients could use to more effectively monitor, manage, & maintain their overall well-being, or discover & develop their own unique gifts. 

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This unique style of Mentoring, known as the In-Tuned Reading, employs the concepts of the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy within an Intuitive Psychic/ Medium Reading as an alternative way  to  provide you  with  meaningful  insights, simple

suggestionsor effective strategies to help you break through the negative barriers, which may be interrupting your plans to target & achieve your personal or professional goals.  

This style of Reading is customized to suit your needs by offering you the following choices:

Card Readings --  You may choose between the Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, or a combination of the Tarot & Oracle for your reading. This will allow you to receive interpretations translations of any input, recommendations, or alerts about your health, life, career, or relationships based on the visual images. This style can be done in person, over the phone, Messenger Face Time, or Skype.

Body Readings -- now known as Body Conversational Readings --  You may be asked to sit in a chair or lie down on a massage table while this conversation is taking place. Specialized massage techniques are also used to target, receive, interpret, & translate the advice, input, recommendations, or warnings that  your body may be attempting to relay to you regarding your current situations.  This type of reading must be done in person in order to obtain the full message or details.

Deluxe Combo Readings involve the mixture of both CardBody Conversational Readings within Extended Sessions of 90 min. or longer.  This Combo must also be done in person.

To Schedule Appt, please Call 386-561-9588

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This unique style of Mentoring, known as the Memory Tracker, employs the concepts of the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy in conjunction with specialized Conversational Sessions, & Therapeutic Massage Treatments to target, track, & release any memories, which could be causing clients to  experience unusual  patterns of pain, discomfort, &/or stress that are not responding to traditional avenues of healthcare.

We must understand that, we're typically taught, as a result of participating in or observing daily interactions, experiences, or situations, we may develop, collect, or absorb a variety of memories.  When we do, these memories may then be placed or stored within the location of our minds.  This would give us the ability to quickly locate & remember certain details related to these experiences when they may be needed later on.  We're also taught that these details could include a variety of thoughts &/or emotions.

However, we must also realize & understand that our minds are not the only location where these memories or details could be stored. This information could also be placed, stored, or found in any region, structure, or tissue of our body.   This would also mean that our entire body, not just our mind, could be affected, influenced, or impacted by the information associated with these experiences that are included within our memories. 

This may be where the Memory Tracker Mentoring Program could come in handy, because it was developed to help those who may.....

Be Suffering from Unusual or Unexplained Patterns of Pain, Discomfort, or Stress.

Wonder whether or not their Memories, Thoughts, or Emotions could be Causing their Pain, Discomfort, or Stress to occur.

Have Tried Traditional Avenues of Healthcare that could NOT Produce the Results they were looking for.

Be Ready to Understand What is Really Going On.

Be Ready to Learn What they could Do with Alternative Ideas to Handle or Manage  their  Current Situation.

For anyone who is ready to track their own memories, this Program can provide them with the following Kits / Packets, so they can monitor & manage their own progress.

Starter Kit:  Contains an Assessment Form & Checklist,  Weekly or Monthly Progress Sheets, Personalized Body Region Chart, & an Initial Consultation.

Maintenance Kit:  Contains a Weekly or Monthly Evaluation / Progress Form, Updated Body Region Chart, & Suggestion Checklist

Tracker Packet:  Contains the Starter Kit, Maintenance Kit, Additional Evaluation Forms, Initial Consultation, and Choice between 3 Mentoring Sessions or Massage / Body Conversation Treatments.  

Does this sound like YOU?  Are you READY to start Tracking your own Memories & obtain the RELIEF that you're searching for?

To start  today,  all you have to do is  CALL 386-561-9588.

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This unique style of Mentoring, known as the Unique Gift Mentoring Program, has been developed to help those who may not be able to recognize their own true gifts or talents, which could be causing them to experience problems within their daily personal & professional lives.  This Mentoring Program also employs the concepts of the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy in order to provide an alternative point of view about what to do.

If / When you've been dealing with issues in your personal &/or professional lives, here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if this Program could be what you're looking for to help you get back on track.

Have you had to remain in a job that you hate, which barely covers the monthly expenses?

Have you become confused, hesitant, or in doubt about what you could or would do?

Have you been dealing with pain, discomfort, or stress, because you're so worried about your life & plans?

Have you stopped believing in yourself or what you're capable of doing?

Have you given up on going after your dreams or goals?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, maybe it's  time to STOP, take a STEP back, & LOOK deep inside yourself to see what might be HIDDEN beneath the surface, which could SHED some light on how to BREAK these negative cycles and MOVE FORWARD with your life & career.

Because, wouldn't you like to....

Know WHAT your true, UNIQUE SKILLS are?

Understand HOW your HEALTH could be affected when you're NOT using these ABILITIES?

EXPLORE & DEVELOP  these TALENTS in a safe & comfortable environment?

Learn HOW to efficiently USE these GIFTS to BREAK THRU negative barriers?

OBTAIN, SUSTAIN, & MAINTAIN the LIFE you've always DREAMED about?

If you're interested, there are a variety of Packets / Kits available through this Mentoring Program, which can provide you with the essential guidance that may be needed, no matter where you in this process.  These Kits / Packets consist of the following:

Level 1 Kit -- Contains the Initial Identification Checklist, Assessment Sheets, Progress Forms, & 3 Full Mentoring Sessions which could help to Identify the Specific Skill / Gift.

Level 2 Kit -- Contains the Exploration Checklist, Reference Assessment Guide, Progress / Evaluation Forms, & 3 Full (HR) Mentoring Sessions to Explore more details about the Specific Ability / Skill.

Level 3 Kit -- Contains the Development Checklist, Experimentation Guide, Progress / Evaluation Forms, & 3 Full Mentoring Sessions for learning how to Grow / Develop the Talent / Ability.

Level 4 Kit -- Contains the Usage Checklist, Applications Guide,  Evaluation / Progress Forms, & 3 Full Mentoring Session  to learn how  the Specific Skill could be used on a daily basis in personal or professional settings.

Extensive Packet / Kit -- Contains the Checklists, Guides, & Progress Form from all 4 Levels, plus 12 Full (HR) Mentoring Sessions.

Additional Forms, Guides, & Checklists are available for purchase separately from the Kits.

So, are YOU ready to learn about your own UNIQUE GIFT?   Call 386-561-9588 for more details or to schedule a session.

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