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Not sure if the InTune-ition Wellness philosophy would work for you?  

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Here's an opportunity to be introduced to it! 


The InTune-ition Wellness Classes have been designed to provide you with brief introductions to the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy and its MentoringTherapy Services.  

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During these Classes, you'll get an opportunity to learn how to use some simple, yet effective, insights & tips based on the InTune-ition theory to manage & maintain your overall health, life, career, &/or journey.   This could include ways to.....

Identify & understand unusual patterns of pain.

Develop intuitive skills.

Handle or understand unusual situations.

Discover hidden gifts or talents.

Use alternative ideas to maintain progress with self-care. 

What insights or tips are you looking for?

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Are you a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Central or East Central Regions of Florida looking for affordable and effective CE Classes?  

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Here's where you can find them in your own backyard,(Volusia County)!  NCBTMB Approved CE Provider # 1000458

What is the Primary Coursework being offered?

This Coursework is known as "The Angler Method:  A Precision Angling System for Therapeutic Massage". 

What is the  Basic Description for The Angler Method's System & its Series of Courses?

The Angler Method can best be described as an unique approach / system involving how to use modified techniques & a variety of precision angling tactics to comfortably gain access and efficiently treat the natural layouts, contours, layers, & attachments of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, & fascia.

These Courses introduce The Angler Method's approach along with a philosophy which emphasizes the importance that the techniques being used should always be adapted, modified, or adjusted to suit the comfort, safety, & natural abilities of a therapist's body, first, rather than the therapist's body being forced to adapt or adjust to the usage or application of these techniques.  

The premise behind this specialized Coursework is to teach therapists alternative ways to:

Prevent potential injuries to either themselves or their clients.

Enhance the effectiveness of their techniques & overall treatments.

Efficiently & easily assess / access the deeper layers of tissues without the use of aggressive or intensive pressure / force.

Provide  longer lasting results / relief for their clients.

Quickly create effective self-care tactics, which they could then share with their clients.

By learning how to use The Angler Method appropriately may also help the therapists to extend the lives of their careers in this professional industry.

What Classes are available?

Here's the list of available Classes:  

16 Hour Live Classes:

"The Angler Method:  Precision Angling Tactics for the Torso"

"The Angler Method:  Precision Angling Tactics for the Head, Neck, & Upper Shoulders" 

"The Angler Method:  Precision Angling Tactics for the Upper Extremities" 

"The Angler Method:  Precision Angling Tactics for the Lower Extremities" 

4 Hour Introductory Live Classes:

"Intro to The Angler Method's Approach to Trigger Point Release"

"Intro to The Angler Method's Approach to Chair Massage"

2 Hour Introductory Live Classes:

"Intro to Precision Angling Tactics for Face, Jaw, & Cranial Regions"

"Intro to Precision Angling Tactics for the Abdominal Region"

"Intro to Precision Angling Tactics for Stretching and Joint Mobilization"

Class Schedules for 2023  TBA soon.

Ask how you can save on the price of one of the 16 Hour Classes!!!  

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Full Certification Program is available.  For more details, please call 386-561-9588.

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