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Are you an LMT in the East Central Regions of Florida looking for affordable and effective live CE Classes?   

Check out this local Provider in the Southwest area of Volusia County! 

What is the Primary Coursework being offered?

Coursework Series Title is "The Angler Method:  A Precision Angling System for Therapeutic Massage". 

Please note All Rights have been Reserved regarding the Content, Titles, Images, or other information related to this Coursework, which means they are protected  & cannot be used, shared, copied, or transmitted in any way without prior written consent of Pamela S. Tipsword.

What is the Basic Description for The Angler Method?

The Angler Method can best be described as an unique approach / system which utilizes precision angling tactics to comfortablysafely, & efficiently assess, access, target, and treat the structures in a localized region.

Its premise emphasizes the importance that techniques, tools, & equipment should be adjusted, modified, or altered to suit the comfort & natural abilities of the therapists' own bodies in order to safely & effectively achieve the best results.

It will warn therapists that, if/when they attempt to force  their bodies to adjust / adapt to any specific technique, tool, equipment, or style of another therapist in order to use them during treatments, there could potentially be a higher chance  of an injury occurring to them or their clients.

Therefore, by learning how to use The Angler Method appropriately, therapists may be able to:

  • Prevent or reduce the risk of any potential injury.

  • Enhance the effectiveness of how they use their techniques, tools, & equipment.

  • Increase the effectiveness of the overall treatment.

  • Decrease the necessity of using aggressive or intensive pressure.

  • Provide longer lasting results & relief for their clients.

  • Extend the lives of their careers in this industry.

What Classes are currently available?

16 Hour Live Classes:

"The Angler Method:  Precision Angling Tactics for the Torso"

"The Angler Method: Precision Angling Tactics for the Head, Neck, & Upper Shoulders" 

"The Angler Method:  Precision Angling Tactics for the Upper Extremities" 

"The Angler Method:  Precision Angling Tactics for the Lower Extremities" 


4 Hour Live Classes:

"Intro to The Angler Method's Approach to Trigger Point Release"

"Intro to The Angler Method's Approach to Chair Massage"

2 Hour Live Classes:

"Intro to Precision Angling Tactics for Face, Jaw, & Cranial Regions"

"Intro to Precision Angling Tactics for the Abdominal Region"

"Intro to Precision Angling Tactics for Stretching and Joint Mobilization"


Would all of these  Classes count towards the continuing education requirements for the FL license renewal process?

Yes, all of The Angler Method's Classes can be counted towards fulfilling the continuing education requirements needed for license renewal in the State of Florida under the specific category of  "Relevant to the field...." Since these classes are also approved by the NCBTMB, they may be able to fulfill other state's license renewal requirements.  But, please check or confirm their requirements before attending any of these classes.

How can Therapists receive regular updates?

Subscribe to the LMT emailing list in order to receive regular updates by using the following link:

NCBTMB Approved CE Provider # 1000458

FL Approved CE Broker 

Provider #50-38878

FL CE Broker Instructor


Each Class has its own Tracking Number

Where can Therapists find more information?

For more details, please call 386-561-9588

Stay tuned in for the Class Schedules for 2024 - 2025

Class Topic Suggestions are welcomed

Congratulations to Lisa L. Konietzky

Lisa has become the very first LMT to achieve Full Certification as a Practitioner of "The Angler Method: A Precision Angling System for Therapeutic Massage."

She has earned the status of being recognized as a Certified Angler Method Practitioner / C.A.M.P.

By earning this status, she will also be granted permission to use all Copyrighted, Trademarked, &/or Registered Content, Images, Logos, & Materials associated with "The Angler Method" within her online & written advertisements / promotions.

Her hard work and persistence have earned her this status.


May 2024

16 HR Class

The Angler Method: Precision Angling Tactics for the Torso


Sat, May 18 - Sun, May 19

Being Presented at:

Park Plaza

533 North Nova Rd

 Ormond Beach, FL

June - Nov 2024


Sat, June 22 - Sun, June  23

Sat, July 20 - Sun, July 21

Sat, August 24 - Sun, August 25

Sat, September 21 - Sun, September 22

Sat, October 26 - Sun, October 27

Sat, November 16 - Sun, November 17

Classed & Locations To Be Determined, Stay Tuned In For More Details

InTune-ition Wellness Classes Image updated.png

The InTune-ition Wellness Classes have been designed to provide clients with brief introductions to the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy and its MentoringTherapy Services.  


The InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy points out a very unique idea about how OUR BODY can & does use its own secret language  to relay input, advice, or concerns  that may be related to our health, life, or career.  When we learn how to enhance our ability to quickly recognize the relevant signals their important meanings, we can then use the associated information to effectively & efficiently  target, achieve, maintain, &/or sustain any desired goal.  

During these Classes, we will  get an opportunity to learn how to use some simple, yet effective, insights & tips based on the InTune-ition theory to manage & maintain our overall health, life, career, &/or journey.   This could include ways to.....

  • Identify & Understand Unusual Patterns of Pain.

  • Discover & Develop Intuitive Skills

  • Handle & Understand Unusual Situations

  • Uncover Hidden Gifts or Talents

  • Use Alternative Ideas to Maintain Progress with Self-Care

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For regular updates, we can sign up by pressing  Subscribe for the link.   

For More Details, Please Call 386-561-9588

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