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Clearing Out The Mind's Clutter - Part 3 - Acknowledgement


We've gone through the suggestions in Parts 1 & 2 to help us clear out the mind's clutter. Yet, if we're reading this, we still need some help.

What else can we do?

It might be the time to use this next suggestion, which is an unique tactic known as ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

What is this tactic about and how could it help us?

First, let's take a moment to understand what this term means, so we can clearly see how it might help us with this objective. (Hint: parameters / references)

The word, acknowledgement, actually contains another significant word, which might come in handy in order to grasp the full concept. This word is knowledge.

Now, if we take a closer look at the word, knowledge, we may already know that it can be defined as "facts, skills, or information acquired through experience or education". But, do we realize that it can also be described as an "awareness by experience of a situation or fact". (Source: Google)

This is very important for us to comprehend at this moment. Because, when the word is used to create the term, acknowledgement, we'll see that it transforms the definition into: "a state of being aware, open, or receptive to the possibility that something could exist, or at least, be based on a reality or truth". (Source: Google)

Hmmm...doesn't this sound familiar?

Remember, in Part 2, we went through the process of establishing the identity and existence of our own clutter, (the something). So, if we've reached a point where we may still be denying, ignoring, or not being fully open to its existence, maybe it's time to reconnect with the awareness or acceptance of what our own clutter is. Which might give us enough of a needed push to finally release or clear it out. Isn't this the main purpose of the objective here?

Within the approach, all we have to do is simply look through our previously written notes, including edits, and any additions; pull out what's been established / identified as our clutter; and then:

  • accept / confirm the existence of our own definitions, descriptions, explanations of it

  • accept / confirm the existence of all of our examples representing it

  • accept / confirm the truth or reality about all of this information

  • accept / confirm the existence of and truth about our reasons to consider the info as clutter

  • accept / confirm the reasons why we want to release it

If needed, we can always create an affirmation / statement to help us declare, confirm, or validate any of this information. But, for this to fully work, we'll need to do one or more of the following suggestions:

  • WRITE this affirmation / statement DOWN (physical action to pull out of head)

  • VERBALIZE this affirmation / statement OUT LOUD (full body participation)

  • MENTALLY STATE this affirmation or statement in our heads (confirmation for mind)

And, we also might want to make sure that we:

  • actually BELIEVE the words or phrases, being written, spoken, or thought about

  • RESONATE / VIBRATE with the words or phrases being written, spoken, or thought about

  • otherwise, will need to SEEK OUT other ways to PHRASE the affirmation / statement

  • should REPEAT this affirmation / statement as many times as needed for CLARITY

Try this approach and see if it helps. If not, there's more suggestions coming up.

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