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The Cauldron of Question's Story

From where did the Cauldron of Questions come?

During a gathering of philosophers, the hostess for the evening asked the guest speaker if she would be willing to answer some health / wellness related questions from the group. She responded that she would be very happy to oblige. However, she wanted to know how the hostess planned on collecting such questions, since some of the members would be arriving at different times.

The hostess mentioned that she had a stack of notepads or index cards, which the members could use to write their questions. As soon as she stated this, her eyes lit up! She suddenly, announced that there was a small cauldron in the other room, that could be used to collect the cards.

The guest speaker was delighted to hear this and then stated this comment, "Excellent, we have a cauldron of questions for this evening." Upon hearing this, the members who were present shouted happily, "OMG, you need to use this!"

Here you go. The Cauldron of Questions has now become a Blog Category.

If you wish to submit a question of your own, please feel free to do so. All you have to do is send an email to this website. If you'd like your question discussed within a blog post, please make sure to indicate your permission.

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