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My  Mission

For over 20 years, I've been on a mission to encourage & inspire my clients to realize that they can EXPERIENCE A DIFFERENCE  with their health,  life, or career if/when they:


2)   STOP  HANDING over the POWER  / CONTROL to Others  for making these DECISIONS

3)   LISTEN to their own INSTINCTS / INTUITION  when they need INPUT or CONFIRMATION.

As a part of this mission, I've been teaching my clients, during their Massage Treatments, Mentoring Sessions, & Wellness Classes, about one of my alternative approaches, which could be used to efficiently & effectively  OBTAIN, MAINTAIN, &/or  SUSTAIN  any  desired personal or professional GOAL.  This APPROACH is known as the InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy.

The InTune-ition Wellness Philosophy points out a very unique idea about how OUR BODY can & does use its own secret language  to relay input, advice, or concerns  that may be related to our health, life, or career.  When we learn how to utilize our instincts to enhance our ability to quickly recognize the pertinent signals and easily interpret, translate& comprehend their important meanings, we can then use the associated information to effectively & efficiently  target, achieve, maintain, &/or sustain any desired goal.  

Now, quite honestly, this philosophy may not be for everyone.  But, for those of you who may be dealing with ongoing, unusual, or unexplained pain, discomfort, or circumstances that don't seem to be responding to any of the traditional avenues or methods, this approach could be just what you are looking for or needing.  You might become pleasantly surprised by the results.  So, call today to find out how it could help you.

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