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Clearing Out the Mind's Clutter - Part 1 - Initial 3 Steps

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

When we go through stressful times or experiences, we often find that our minds become cluttered with excessive thoughts and worries, which may cause disruptions in our daily lives. personally and professionally.

As most of us would do, we search for outside help or guidance. However, what we find may be more than what we bargained for, due to the enormous influx on the market for this type of service relating to the information, programs, systems, or teachers, cluttering our minds even further. So, what can we do?

Here are a few easy and effective steps that anyone could take to start the process:

Step 1: Write down the thoughts or ideas that come into your mind at the moment.

It doesn't matter if these thoughts are vague, confusing, cryptic, or unclear. Just do it.

Step 2: Don't look for perfection or clarity right now.

It doesn't matter, because, as you're writing, you're simply clearing out the excess files from your mind, body, & spirit, while safely placing them somewhere outside of your mobile vessel. Just do it.

Step 3: Write these thoughts, emotions, or ideas down in any way you want.

It doesn't matter if you want to use a pen, pencil, or keyboard to jot stuff down. Or, if preferred, you can verbally or visually record the information. Just do it.

Once these steps have been completed, pay attention to what happens next, because it may surprise you.

Stay tuned for Part 2.....Acknowledgement

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