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Welcome to the Community Events Section of my Website. Here you'll find the information relating to upcoming health, wellness, spiritual, or business related workshops, meetings, or events happening in our local community.  If you would like to receive ongoing updates, please make sure to subscribe to my email list.  Don't forget, you can always include your questions or preferences regarding this information.  Thank you for your support.


Nuwati Bodywork Education Center offers access to a wide variety of  workshops relating to:  Self-Care Management, Business Development

Training, & Continuing Education for Massage Therapists.


These include:   Balance-ology and InTune-ition Wellness classes.

For more information, registration details, or to sign up for their email list,  please call 386-561-9588.

Rental Space

If you're a Business, Wellness, & Continuing Education Provider, please check out the Workshop Space available for Rent at the Nuwati Bodywork Education Center, 350 Treemonte Drive, Orange City, Florida.

Don't forget this Workshop Space can be used to hold meeting, gatherings, or events.  There may also be a Room Rental availability for those seeking Full Time, Part Time, or As-Needed Options.

If interested, please call Pamela or Kimberly at  Nuwati Bodywork Education Center at 386-561-9588 for further details regarding availability, pricing, and registration process.


Do you have an event, workshop, or gathering that you would like to share on this website?

If so, please submit your information to
Past Events

Past Events are now listed under the Program's Secondary Subpage.

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