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Additional Information
Advanced Training
  • Hemme Approach Certifications, assorted bodywork classes, 1996-2000

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Energy Healing Certifications, Levels I-III, including Master/Teacher level, 1997-1998

  • Neuromusuclar Therapist Certification through the Neuromuscular Center of New Mexico, 1999-2000

  • Qi Healing & Breathing Applications, 1-2-3, through the Supreme Science Gigong Center, 2013

  • Various Ethics, Laws, and Medical Errors training through the Elite Prof. Group,  2000-2017

  • Tian Di Bamboo Massage through the Elite Prof. Group, 2017.

Additional Skills, Programs, & Systems Created
  • Added skills as an Intuitive Medium into practice, 2003. 

  • Introduced the use of the Body Reading as a Spiritual Guidance Consultation Service, 2003.

  • Developed bodywork known as the Angler Method, since 1998. 

  • Introduced the Angler Method as an continuing educational course, 2017.

  • Developed and introduced the alternative approach known as In-Tuned Bodywork, 2017.

  • Developed and introduced the philosophy known as InTune-ition Wellness, 2017.

  • Became a Co-Owner and Educator of the Nuwati Bodywork Education Center, 2017.

  • Developed and introduced the Intuitive Education & Mentoring Programs,  2018.

  • Unique Gift & Memory were introduced as additions to the Mentoring Programs, 2018.

  • Clair's In-Tuned Treatments were introduced as additions to the Bodywork Menu, 2018.

  • Introduced the Wellness Triage Assessments Consultations in 2019

Updates to Programs & Systems

  • Monthly Maintenance Treatments were renamed as Maintain Me Sessions, 2018

  • Mentoring Programs have been renamed as InTune-ition Mentoring, 2019.

  • Assessments renamed as In-Tuned Consultations, 2019.

  • In-Tuned Bodywork renamed as In-Tuned Therapy, 2019

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