Meet Pamela S. Tipsword

For over 25 years, Pamela has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida with an initial mission of  assisting clients who were suffering from unusual chronic pain, intensified discomfort, or relentless stress.


However, her passion towards helping these clients has compelled her to become a Wellness Mentor so she can teach them, during sessions, to understand that they could experience an actual difference in effectively managing & maintaining their own health, life, career, & wellbeing by taking back the full control & responsibility for making their own decisions instead of handing over this power to another person.  


In an effort to help clients even more with their healing process,  she has created/developed a philosophy known as InTune-ition Wellness, which emphasizes the concept that the physical body can & does utilize its own secret language & our instincts to relay signals, input, or advice relating to any health, life, wellness, or career concerns.


She offers clients the opportunity to learn how to use this philosophy during Massage Treatments, Mentoring Sessions, &/or Wellness Classes.  


Her  passion for this mission has further compelled her to also create a bodywork system known as The Angler Method as a way to enhance the efficiency & effectiveness of her massage treatments as well as reduce any injury to herself or her clients. 


In order to introduce this idea to her colleagues, she has become a Continuing Education Provider and has turned this method into a Continuing Education Course, approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork under the series name of  The Angler Method: A Precision Angling System for Therapeutic Massage. 


Because she has been recognized by this national organization, all of the classes associated with this coursework can be used to fulfill the educational requirements needed to renew the Massage Therapist's state license.

For more information about the InTune-ition Wellness  Classes, Mentoring Programs, Massage Treatments. or CE Courses  please check out the Service pages or Call 386-561-9588.

Brief Background 

Earlier Days

Pamela was born and raised in Champaign County, Illinois.

She graduated from ABL High School in Broadlands, IL. 1980

She earned her BA in English from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL.  1984.

Initial Massage Training & Licensure

Massage Certificate was earned at the Life Path School of Massage Therapy in Peoria, IL 1993-1994.

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Exam was completed & passed in 1994.

Earned State Licensing in Florida as a Massage Therapist in 1995.  MA 19684

Pamela's Therapy Specialties

Angler Method = accesses deep / specific layers without force or causing further trauma. 

Clair's In-Tune Treatment = assists the Spiritual Practitioners manage or maintain health.

Energetic / Body Reading Massage = mixture of techniques to identify & track source of issue.

Neuromuscular Therapy = pinpoints & releases trigger points and scar tissue to reduce pain.

Reiki Energy Healing = balances the energy currents involved in the chakra & meridian systems.

U In-Tuned Therapy  = uncovers and relieves unusual chronic pain, discomfort, & stress.    

Pamela's Mentoring Specialties

InTune-ition Mentoring: Memory Tracker Program =  targets & releases hidden sources causing discomfort.

InTune-ition Mentoring: Unique Gift Program =  assists the process towards developing hidden skills.

In-Tuned Readings = uncovers and points out strategies or ideas to assist personal & professional wellness plans or goals, using the spiritual skills as an Empath, Intuitive, & Medium.

Pamela's Education Specialties

InTune-ition Wellness Classes = introduces clients to the InTune-ition theory.

NCBTMB Continuing Education Provider/Instructor #1000458 =  provides classes for the Massage Industry. 
The Angler Method =  Pamela is the Creator & Primary Instructor for this NCBTMB approved CE .
Pamela's  Workbooks & Handouts
InTune-ition Wellness Class Handouts  / Workbooks
Mentoring Programs Kit / Packets
Other Businesses

Co-Owner & Administrator of the Nuwati Bodywork Education Center, 2017-2020

Owner of InTune-ition Wellness, LLC., established in 2020 - present day

NCBTMB CE Provider & Instructor, approved in 2020 - present day


Pamela is a Member of the West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce, 2016 - present

Chairperson of the WVRCC Business Education Committee 2016-2020.

WVRCC Ambassador Committee Member, 2021 - present

WVRCC Ambassador Committee Co-Chair 2021-2022 / Chair 2022 - present